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Farm Field
Pasture Raised Turkey

Pasture Raised Turkey


Each year, our customers rave about the unparalleled taste of a Back Acres Farm turkey in their Thanksgiving feast. Our turkeys live outdoors on pasture, foraging a diverse diet of GMO-free grains, grass, plants, and bugs, which makes them a remarkably tender, flavorful, and healthy product.


Please note that while we do not guarantee specific sizes, we offer you the opportunity to indicate a preference within a few size ranges, and we always do our best to fulfill them. Our goal is to provide an average size of about 16 pounds, but sizes can often range from 12 to 24 pounds.


To place an order, we require a $30 deposit per bird, with the remaining balance calculated at $4.25 per pound, minus the deposit.


You may order as many turkeys as you desire - some customers purchase two, serving one for Thanksgiving and freezing the second for another special occasion.



Turkeys will be ready November 23rd. Please reach out to be placed on our order list.
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